applause for skye media

Krista is great -- highly communicative with her clients, fair, and hard-working.  I've worked with her on three projects so far, all with positive results. She's always easy to talk to and always helpful not just with PR, but with career goals as well.
Alex Dezen - artist
Krista was a pleasure to work with. She supplied just the right mix of prodding and patience to keep our publicity efforts focused and moving. And we got mentions and reviews from media outlets that had never paid any attention to us before. Recommended!
Marc Oxborrow - artist, The Haymarket Squares
Krista Mettler was able to help us gain significant visibility. She landed us coverage with publications such as PopMatters, No Depression, The Boot, and others. We were very happy about our work with her. She helped us build an online presence and facilitated a fortifying of our website by giving us validation via the placements that she secured for us. We highly recommend that other artists work with her because we know that she'll do the same kind of great work for them.
Will Wadsworth - artist, The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers
Krista is two very important things: she's a great human being, and she's great at what she does. I've worked with Skye Media on multiple tours and album releases, and Krista has always gotten results. As the world of publicity changes, she keeps her finger on the pulse and finds new opportunities. She's conscientious - a person you can trust with your creative baby.
JD Eicher - artist
Krista is one of the hardest working people in the music business:  professional, organized, driven, empathetic, all while being a true lover of all genres of music.  People like her are hard to come by.  Working with her on my third studio record was one of the best decisions I've made in my musical career.  The coverage she was able to obtain for me and the work we are doing in a niche genre of music was unparalleled to any other PR I was able to do on my own. If you want an seasoned, industry expert to work your next project, you've come to the right place.
Leslie Tom - artist
Searching for a publicist can be daunting, but when we found and talked to Krista, we felt right at home. Krista helped make our album a success, and we couldn't have asked for a better team member who was very organized, goal-oriented, and sweet on top of it. Thanks, Krista!
AJ Swearingen & Jayne Kelli - artists, Swearingen and Kelli
Krista was an absolute joy to work with! She's extremely organized and kept us constantly up to date with what she was working on. I was pleasantly impressed by her emotional connection to executing at a high level. It is clear that she is invested in her work and what that work can do to help her client's careers. She made herself available to our needs, delivered on her promises, and exceeded my expectations. She's someone you want on your team!
Christopher Kessenich - artist, The Walking Guys
As an independent artist, it's hard to know who you can trust and what areas are worth spending your budget on.  I hired Krista to act as my publicist for several reasons:  1)  She ACTUALLY listened to the music!!!  I know that sounds absurd, but she cares about the music and artistry she is representing!  2)  She works just as hard as you do!  Krista is dedicated to making the most of her time and there's no doubt she's sweeping across all the right channels to get the word out about a release.  3)  She's organized and she knows her stuff!  She communicates well and clearly and sends reminders when I've got an interview coming up.  Not only did she get great regional coverage but also got press in several national press outlets!
Jessica Campbell - artist
I spoke to a multitude of publicists, but the minute I talked to Krista, I knew she was the one. My intuition was correct and she ran a wonderful album release campaign for us. She landed many high profile reviews in addition to great websites for our music video premieres. Krista is top notch when it comes to communication which is key. She really cares and that comes through both in her infectiously enthusiastic personality as well as the way she goes the extra mile. Any artist would be lucky to have her on their team.
Stewart Eastham - artist
Working with Krista for the release of my latest album has been one of the best investments I've made in regards to my music. She has gotten me many favorable reviews and placements I would not have been able to reach on my own. I appreciate her honesty and advice.
Ashley Riley - artist
I spent a couple months researching music publicists to do a national release campaign with for my newest project. I asked for referrals from respected singer/songwriter friends, and a couple of them told me about Skye Media. I had met with a handful of publicists in person in L.A., and yet Krista won me over with just one phone call. She did an outstanding job on my campaign, is very kind and thorough in all she does, responds immediately to everyone, is creative and is adaptive to the ever-changing music industry. I would gladly recommend Krista and Skye Media to any artist/band looking for a publicist.
Maggie McClure - artist
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Krista for almost 20 years, both at major and independent labels. She is a consummate professional who continually thinks outside of the box for her clients.  I have been extremely impressed at her ability to navigate the changing times in both the music and media industries. Krista is a forward-thinker who does not get stuck clinging to old-school methods of business; to the contrary, she has seamlessly integrated online and social networking outlets into the existing model and always has an eye out for the next opportunity.  In addition to being on the top of her game professionally, she is warm and engaging personally -- simply a pleasure to work with.
Cynthia Cochrane - President, Rock Ridge Music
Krista is very tall. Normally that makes me nervous... about anybody.  In spite of her tallness, she is a joy to work with. She is a talented writer and a diligent publicist. Anyone would be fortunate to work with her or have her take on the responsibility of their publicity.  But she is tall.
Ike Reilly - artist
I love working with Krista! She is positive, a great communicator, detail-oriented and completes work in a timely manner.  Krista is also willing to learn new skills to better serve her clients. I highly recommend her without reservation!
Anne Heaton - artist
Krista is organized, efficient, quick to respond, and pays close attention to details – everything I am looking for when I hire an outside publicist! On top of all of that, she gets the job done, and I trusted her completely.
Donica Christensen, former Director of Artist & Media Development, Sugar Hill Records
From our first contact with her, Krista took the time to understand us as artists and what [our album] Ride is ultimately about. Her professionalism, expertise and "can do" attitude are invaluable and she is always an email or phone call away. Navigating this terrain is a real challenge and I can't imagine not having Krista at our side. She's the best.
Mike Ricciardi - artist (Marc Berger's band and co-producer)
Krista's got it covered. I can't think of a single instance in which she wasn't completely on top of what we set out to do. If you're lucky enough to have the chance to work with her in any capacity, I'd highly recommend it.
Jonny Burke - artist
Krista has secured great coverage for the release of my debut album "Life in Full Colour," including print, online and broadcast spots. In choosing a publicist, I wanted someone who would get to know me and my music, and who I could reach easily throughout the project. Krista has been great to work with -- she is always available to discuss ideas and brings real passion, creativity and energy to her work.
Callaghan - artist
Back in 2000, I began what has been seen by fans, the press and even, to some extent, by myself as a mid-career comeback.  It helped that I had just made what I still consider to be my best record, "Here Come The Miracles."  But an absolutely essential part of that process would most certainly have to be the hard and savvy work by my publicist Krista Mettler.  She did such a great job of tracing back my career and my music, understanding how the new record fit into that history and then knew exactly how to present it to a music press that might have otherwise not been paying attention.  The result was not only the most press I had received in years but also the right press from the right publications in a strategically timed campaign which she then continued with many records of mine that followed.  I can't even begin to state how grateful I am for the great work she has done for me.
Steve Wynn - artist
I have worked with Krista Mettler on countless projects since the late '90s with both my band Sister Hazel and on my solo CD release "Drift."  Whether it was working with us as a newly signed baby band at Universal Records, to guiding us through platinum and gold records... or with her publicity work on some of the biggest indie releases of the last decade while we were with Rock Ridge Music, Krista always brought her "A" game!  She is extremely thorough, professional, diligent, easy to work with, and she ALWAYS represented us well.  The relationships she has made throughout her career are absolutely invaluable. She quickly earned our trust and has remained a friend to us all.
Ken Block - lead singer of Sister Hazel and solo artist